Design + Production + Videography
Website, brochure and video.
Celebration of Being is a cutting edge inner growth workshops that provide help specially for male and female relationships. They offer workshops, training, life coaching and a variety of product related with personal growth. But they had a website that looked old, outdated and it didn’t reflect the company philosophy. Their goal was to have a new website that would reflect their principles, inform the viewers of their services, workshop dates, but more than anything to invite the viewer to make that call and capture their information.
For the complete redesign of their website, I started by understanding what they wanted, what they really needed, what were their real goals and target audience. 
After months of discovery, I came up with a design that covered every aspect of their wish list. The website reflect a beautiful fresh, cohesive and modern design that invites the user to stay and learn more about Celebration of Being. The home page is elegant, inviting and easy to read. Every section is well defined. The top section offers a consistent navigation menu, and key icons on the right offer access to important sections as short cuts through the site.
Since its launching the site, they have received numerous complements for the design. People are more engaged and stay longer reading the articles. They had a increase 47% more subscribers to their newsletter compared to last years, and 17% more sign up for their workshops.
Live link to Celebration of Being.
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