Design + Production
Menu and stationery.
Corcores is a traditional Spanish food restaurant. Offering a great variety and delicious tapas with excellent Spanish wines. They have a very casual environment with a flamenco musician playing in the background. Corcores is an inviting place where you’ll spend a good couple of hours for lunch or dinner, but their print image did not represent the quality of the restaurant, food, wines nor the service.
The owner hired me to design all there stationery for the restaurant. The place was decorate with hardwood floors wood panels, and brown colors to make it rustic and cosy. But there was a lack of color. I started with the menus because it was a great place to make a big change and get notice. I used lots of colors and images of food and drinks for the covers make fun and memorable. These covers were oversize so when these were place, these gave a splash of color to every table. The inside menu was designed clean and clear to read. 
The menu covers were such a great success, that we decided to incorporate this design element in all the stationery, matches, candy wraps and promotional articles.
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