UI/UX Design + Production
Website and stationery.
Vaschelle Andre, it’s a fantastic photographer with a beautiful and unique style. She wanted a website that represented the quality of her work and showcased her photography. She wanted the viewer to immerse in her work.
I started designing her logo. Something very simple but elegant, with a modern font. I designed all her stationery, with the logo printed in silver foil.
I brought the same look and feel of her stationery for the website. I wanted the photos to be the focal point. The site is grouped into three main sections: portraiture, journalism, and events. When selected, each section will show the index for that group. One-click on any of the photos will trigger the slide show that will take over the whole browser, showing one photo at the time of each group. I added an About Me page and a Get in touch form where viewers can send emails without leaving the site.
As time passed, I kept adding Vaschelle's new artwork, improving her website with new design elements and technology.
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