Design + Production
Website, mobile site, brochures packaging and stationery.
Software by Ragazzi is a software development company with a niche market in a variety of industries who was in need of a corporate image, documentation for their templates, manuals, and a presence on the internet. They wanted a image that represented their line of work, and one stop solution, clear, clean and easy to understand in a language that was simple for non savvy people.
I started with their logo. A simple black outline representing a computer, keyboard and mouse. On top, a three-dimensional red circle with two white arrows symbolizing the software solution and connection in one place.
Using black and red, and white as negative space, I designed all their stationery clear and clean so it was easy to identify in a crowd. The same philosophy was use to create all the brochures, cd, cd envelope to promote their templates. 
For the website I tried to convey how easy and simple is the use of their products, and to get in touch with the company. The website is one long page, clean and with a simple way to navigate, scrolling up and down, or using a menu that appears at the top of the page.
For more than 15 years I’ve have the opportunity to help Ragazzi Enterprise in all their graphic design needs and we keep working together, evolving and improving our relationship to help Ragazzi Enterprise to reach their goals.
Live link to Ragazzi Enterprise.
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