Design + Production + Video
Justin Grinius opened the fist Redcord Studio in San Francisco, CA more than a year ago. His website has a lot of visitors looking for information, but just a few call or email to schedule an appointment. He wanted to do something to convert visitants into first time appointments.
We got together to figured out how we could reach this goal with a very frugal budget, and we agreed that a video will be a good option to generate conversions. This will live in his home page and will greet the visitor, explain what is Redcore all about and its benefits.
For the video I asked Justin to be in front of the camera. This way the visitor will establish a direct connection and trust with him. We shot the video on location with him talking about the benefits of the Redcord and demonstrating some of the exercise. In post-editing I added b-roll, some of his  photos and animation to make it more interesting.
After couple of weeks, Justin’s video was included in the Redcord website and it has been shown in multiple related sites. As well it has increase the number of visitants scheduling a first time session.
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