Design + Production + Video
Justin Grinius opened the first Redcord Studio in San Francisco, CA, more than a year ago. His website has many visitors looking for information, but just a few call or email to schedule an appointment. He wanted to do something to convert visitants into first-time appointments.
We got together to figure out how to reach this goal with a very frugal budget, and we agreed that a video would be an excellent option to generate conversions. This will live on his home page and greet the visitor, explaining what Redcord is all about and its benefits.
I asked Justin to be in front of the camera for the video. This way, the visitor will establish a direct connection and trust with him. We shot the video on location with him, talking about the benefits of the Redcord and demonstrating some of the exercises. In post-editing, I added a b-roll, some of his photos, and animation to make it more interesting.
After a couple of weeks, Justin’s video was included on the Redcord website and has been shown on multiple related sites. As well it has increased the number of visitants scheduling a first-time session.
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