UI/UX Design Leader + Web Design + Videography
Mobile app, website, landing pages, and video.
Verizon Enterprise offers telecommunication services solutions to businesses. Here I had the opportunity to work on implementing the new brand style guide to webpages and emails and design the mobile app.
VES Mobile app
My role in this project was to design the Verizon Enterprise native mobile app for Android and iOS from conception, need-finding, prototyping, and design, to production. The goal was to provide complete services to users on the go. Making it easy to create repair tickets, have access to orders, pay invoices through the app, check services status, etc.
NMLite was a desktop application where users could manage traditional and IP toll-free inbounds services routing plans and features in near real-time. My job was to design this application web-friendly and to improve the user experience.
VES Mobile app video
This video teaser encouraged Verizon Enterprise users to download the app. It gives a glimpse into how easy it is to configure and use for very complex tasks. In this project, I designed, produced, and edited the video, and it was shown as an interstitial when the user logged into the VES portal. ​
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