UI/UX Design + Production
Website, direct mail and stationery.
Viajes Bilbao was a travel agency struggling to keep up with the new ways of traveling, and how people are buying their air fare, hotels, vacation, etc. This business had to reinvent itself before it was too late. They needed to place themselves in a different way of services, so the customers understood the value of booking their travels through a travel agent.
The first step was to understand their customers and their needs. I implemented a phase of discovery to collect information to give an accurate diagnostic of the main problem, and determine the possibles solutions. I was able to help this company to define their new goals.
Due the inexpensive air fares online, we decided to focus on services that are not found on the internet, like filling out legal documentation, passport and visas renewal forms, and trips with specialized tour guides. With this new approach, the air fare, hotels are just a small part of the full services they have to offer.
To support this new philosophy I design a website that describes in full all the services available, and clarify most of the traveler’s questions before they come to the office. I helped to created a social media presence using Facebook inviting people to participate, sharing their experiences with Viajes Bilbao as well about their trips around the world. We added forms to website for customers that want to be informed about trips and discounts available. Everything supported with a new corporate image.
After 3 months of launching the new site and promote it using social media, they had about 97% more clients calling for appointments, a 247% followers on facebook, and 34% increase revenue compare to previous years.
Live link to Viajes Bilbao.
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